Post-growth economy

Post-Growth Open Letter to EU institutions was signed by 238 scientists from all over Europe 6 September 2018.

In their statement they claim, that ”some of the changes that have been proposed include limits on resource use, progressive taxation to stem the tide of rising inequality, and a gradual reduction in working time. Resource use could be curbed by introducing a carbon tax, and the revenue could be returned as a dividend for everyone or used to finance social programs. Introducing both a basic and a maximum income would reduce inequality further, while helping to redistribute care work and reducing the power imbalances that undermine democracy.

New technologies could be used to reduce working time and improve quality of life, instead of being used to lay off masses of workers and increase the profits of the privileged few.”

This makes sense to me! Inequality and unequal distribution of wealth are the major problems in Europe today. These are also the major causes for instability, racism and  other severe social problems.

To solve these problems we need a stabile and more equal Europe. That´s why we must  take the ideas of the Post-Growth scientists into serious consideration.





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